Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I've got ISSUES

I have a foible.  I can't think of another word for it - a sickness? a deep issue? Whatever it is, I am obsessed with hearing a song and going 'that sounds like...'.  I do it all the time - there are at least six songs in the charts right now that sound like 70s or 80s songs - which either means there's a finite combination of notes and they're bound to come back round or they're blatantly stealing stuff without giving the original artist credit. 

I once posted on a forum about a song that sounded like something else and everyone went ballistic saying it wasn't stolen, it was a 'homage' to the original.  I have a huge bugbear(?!) with that Christina Agui-lost-it song she does with Pitbull (Don't get done, get Dom) which has a sample (I say sample, it's actually played by a 9 year old on a broken bontempi) of the intro to A-Ha's timeless classic 'Take on me'.  Not only does it destroy any affection I had for the original, it does nothing for the pathetic attempt at a GCSE music project that these two 'great artists' are vomiting into my living room. 

Christina has turned into a parody of herself.  She's singing the chart equivalent of 'tune a day book 1, The little F and G march' and she's singing it like her life depends on it.  Oversinging the entire seven notes, trying to infuse each one with the depths of every emotion she's ever felt.  It's embarrassing. 

Anyhoo - I've been writing a song this morning called 'The dreamers' and it just ended up sounding like a Gary Numan out-take mixed with that Visage song 'Fade to gray'.  The difference is, I'm not fleecing people out of money and parading my music as high-end Radio 1 song of the week - I'm just arsing about in my studio doing what makes me happy and hoping if you listen, it'll cheer you up too.  The music industry needs to get a grip honestly.

Having said that, I recently heard one of the greatest songs of the last ten years in 'Duet' by Everything Everything and that band 'Lawson' aren't half bad, even though they sound a little like Louis Walsh told them they'd never make it unless they learned guitar and came back next week.

That's all.

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