Friday, 24 May 2013

Broken Bottle

Her relationship was a sham - she didn't get on with her boyfriend, they had very little in common and she put everything else in her life before him.  She didn't seem to be that bothered.  She was sitting talking to her friend.  Her friend was concerned that her relationship didn't have that 'spark' - that maybe they didn't get on, maybe they weren't suited, maybe they should call it a day - maybe being single is better than being with the wrong person?  She listened, gave advice and not once realised that she was in the exact same situation - unable to listen to herself, listen to what she should do to resolve her own situation.  The bottle wasn't half full - it wasn't half empty - it was broken.

Lyrics, intro, chords and tune for verse 1 and 2 and a tentative slightly catchy chorus written.  The album is taking shape, even if, as it looks at the minute, it is just going to be a solo project in the end - I'm pressing on.  When the inspiration and drive to write is there, you have to do it because when you step in the studio and there's nothing going on upstairs, that's an awful feeling.

It'll not be long before I've got about fifteen demos to choose the final tracks from.

All will be posted on soundcloud in due course (there's about 12 snips of music on there already!)

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