Monday, 28 May 2018

When the World is Done

- "Just because there's darkness, doesn't mean the light is worthless"

This lyric from the title track 'When the World is done' sets the tone for the album.  The overall theme is that of loss and finality but a celebration nonetheless.  The title track explores the relationships we form with people we know we'll never cross the line from colleague to friend with.  People you bump into a work, the person who always seems to serve you in the coffee shop, neighbours next door but one.  "They stand together but so far apart" and "The opposite of intimacy" is about that.

Torch Song

Doug wrote a couple of lyrics with the title 'Torch Song' in mind so they became 'Torch Song' and 'Torch Song 2'.  Two different angles of course - this version is about looking to that someone as the torch.  It's another song that fits the mood of the album in that the narrator is lost, alone and probably regretting something he's done - looking for that one person to guide them back to the light, better days.

Torch Song 2

This was written as an anthem. The loud chorus and seering guitar solo pierced by the instructions to BE the torch. Burn brighter, be the inspiration and take responsibility! Sparks can become a fire given circumstance.


The true dark heart of the album comes through here, wondering why the sadness and loneliness seems to be everpresent. Age? State of mind? Regret? Or is it simply the way the rest of the world is right now?  It's the only song on the album without resolution - it simply poses the rhetorical questions.

Apologies and Wishes

This is really an exploration of how to get back inside something. 'Sorry' is one way but actions are far more important. This track tries to explain just how small 'sorry is as a word - it can't undo things so maybe wishes are the only solution?

'Soul Fire' was one of the early album titles but it quickly got shelved as the theme started to emerge.  There's passion here and there's plenty of soul searching but none of the tracks really have the courage or conviction to say that there's fire in any of the souls of the narrators.

Loose Ends

"So everything's gone and I am free now" is another way of being positive in times of loss.  There's another lyric in the album - 'We could live without the fear of losing if we lost it all'.  It's a proud admission that there's fear of the future and all that it will inevitably bring but a realism and a true sense of celebration of all that is good about the present. Rejecting the thoughts of giving in to all that is negative. The devil is indeed in the detail but there's heaven in the loose ends.

Worst Case

This is a part of us all talking; the part of us that tries to see the positive in everything however hopeless. The narrator here is able to admit to all the mistakes they've made and while I think there's lessons learned, tries to balance it with the worst case scenario - I'm on my own for a while. 

The Last Time I Cried

Probably the most powerful song we've written for years this.  The lyrics deal with some heavy things, which is why it provides the base for all the other tracks to follow its lead.  It's a song of dealing with loss in so many ways.  Teenage heartbreak, the loss of family, the loss of the people who inspire us even though we've never met them and ultimately, the sense that even though at the time it feels like the world is going to end, we can use these experiences to make us happy, grateful and overall, inspired to keep pushing forward. 

Meet Me Halfway

Although the 'world is done', we're still looking out there for hope, for someone to hold out a hand and help us to learn to fly.  But then there's compromise here; there's a real sense of self-awareness and feeling there's more to the darkness than external forces - it's created by us - sometimes.  That's why we need the light from others and yes, we're willing to meet halfway because we know you've got your own problems to deal with.

Somewhere to Hide

There's more energy here; yes, there's a wish that the narrator could disappear and ignore everything that's going on but there's also the acceptance that there's safety in numbers - stronger together. 

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