Thursday, 15 August 2013

Testing the water, ranting and Badman's song

Testing the water for future releases, my solo album 'Light is a feather' will be released into the ether through I-Tunes and Amazon (among many other worldwide digi-download sites) on 4th September.

I've set the price as low as I can because it's my belief that music should cost only as much as it needs to in order to pay for itself and the wages of those involved.  I know it's a multi-million industry but it makes me sick that there are amazing artists out there (check soundcloud if you don't believe me) who will never be paid for their genius while the likes of Rihanna squawk away with some banal psudo-music behind her. Watch Cribs and you'll throw up in your mouth at how someone with VERY little talent lives in a gold plated mansion with more bedrooms than they have real friends to sleep in them.

A song should be pleasant to listen to (see James Morrison) - it should be easy to listen to (see Depeche Mode) - in some cases powerful with well crafted lyrics (see Alanis Morrissette) and in others, simple but effective (see Erasure).  It shouldn't just have a synth riff that repeats 80 times in the first 10 seconds (see Calvin Harris). Every song you write shouldn't be about how your marriage is a nightmare (See Pink) and every melody shouldn't have just 2 notes in it (See Pitbull).  You should also be able to sing the notes in the song without pulling your trousers up higher than they go (See Pharell Williams). 

Anyway, I've set the price as low as the store allows (they've got to pay for the space I suppose) and it might generate a few quid to the 'get me some better studio monitors' fund in the process so I can make better sounding music and evolve the sound further.

The Urban Fox album 'Departure' is now fully in the demo stage.  12 songs with a bit of depth and all they need is a bit of restructuring, re-instrumentation and some carefully recorded vocal lines.
To get my voice 'in the zone' I sing through Tears for Fears' 'Seeds of love' album five times a day for a week - then I start recording.  If you see a car at the traffic lights blasting out 'Badman's song' - that'll be me.