Monday, 20 May 2013

Chapter 5

Well, it's a little bit Chapter 4 - a little bit 'Gone (to end with you)' and a tiny bit 'Poison Moon' but it's much more 'Storm' and new melancholy.

I've got a need to tell you what I don't feel
And if we don't talk
Well, I'll lose everything

I just turned up at your door
Try to hold on to what's gone
And the light fades as I take every word you say

There's no future and there's no past
If we don't talk, there's no reason to feel that
And I'm happy that you're happy with that

I brought you here and now you're looking at me
Wondering why the silence
Well it's the silence that made me bring you here
And now we're sitting in silence
I can't speak - can't bring myself to say
What I feel and what I need
Now I can't leave and I can't stay

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