Friday, 17 May 2013

The Storm before the calm

You start with an idea - either a tune or a rhythm.  This time, I started with a concept.  A collection of ideas forming in clouds ready to rain their inspiration down into the collecting rivers of creation.  If I was to be slightly less pretentious for a moment though, I'd say 'The Storm' was more about that electricity between two people firing off at the wrong times and both suffering that heavy claustrophobia you get before a lightning strike - a theme which will run through the final album.

And so, after writing about 12-15 bits and peices, recording 3 snips of demos - the first of this album with vocals (including a very boy-band sounding 'Whatever' and the one that really reflects where I'm trying to push (or pull) this album in 'Destiny of Truth' which has heavy Depeche Mode influences) - I'm back to the title track, 'The Storm'.  Guitar heavy with plenty of twinkling synth and not in a 'Europe' or 'Whitesnake' way neither. 

It all begins here - the snips will all be revisited, expanded, recorded with guide vocals, melodies tweaked, lyrics swapped and edited and eventually, twenty or so demos ready to be produced properly.   

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