Friday, 7 June 2013

Promises are snowflakes

It's really hard sometimes, moulding what you hear in your head with the sounds you have available.  I don't drum and I don't play guitar past grade 2 standard (probably not even that high) so I find my expression limited.  I feel a bit like Brian Eno in the early 80's when he did that 'atmospheric' album - stuck with whooshy synth sounds and metallic pads.  However, sometimes, those sounds and atmosphere sit perfectly.  As proved by 'I'm sorry I haven't a Clue' when they do the 'one song to the tune of another' - the connection between the words and the music is so important.  It doesn't seem so I suppose when you're listing to a song on the radio, it just kinda goes but when you try and sing the lyrics of 'Girlfriend in a coma' by The Smiths to the tune of 'Tiptoe through the tulips', you get what I mean.

Promises are Snowflakes is one of Doug's gems.  In the lyric it states literally that 'your promises are cold' but it goes deeper than that.  The promise is made, and it seems so robust and heartfelt until time causes that snowflake to fade and melt and dissappear - the meaning all but lost.  That's where Doug excels, and I managed to get a rough demo of a couple of verses and choruses down this morning.  At the moment, you can't really tell where the bridge and the chorus meet - you'll be able to with the vocals on  top but I think the 'segway' itself needs to be more prominent.  I'll just give it a whirl and see!

Ten contenders now for the final cut and another fifteen bits and peices which may or may not be developed.

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