Monday, 24 June 2013

Minneapolis Blue

Previously on  this blog I mentioned that it felt like September 1995 - and it got me thinking, what exactly was it about that  time that I can feel?  I  think it was the atmosphere - it had been a long hot summer, I don't remember a bad day and I was outdoors for most of it.  Then when the autumn came it was quite harsh - lately we've had some mild September - November bits but not 1995.  It was cold.  All the time. 

I spent lots of time in the 'studio' writing the 'Intermezzo' album and a lot of time between lectures at univeristy in Sunderland Museum.  I wrote the lyrics for 'Shame' in there, one of the only songs that I wrote entirely on that album - the rest coming from Douglas and his temporary exile in Ilkley.  The song I have most affection for from that period (apart from Demons and Angels) was Minneapolis Blue and although I remember it coming to the fore in one of the song writing sessions I had with Douglas, he assures me 'Minneapolis Blue' was hanging around for a few years beforehand.  A love story, the guy in the song had planned to spend Christmas in Minneapolis with his girl, but the song tells of the breakdown of that relationship.  The depth in the lyrics made it feel like Douglas had actually been there himself.  In another creative lapse for this new album I've dug out the old C90 hissy recording and 're-done' it - there's two versions - an uptempo bass driven introduction and a melacholic airy double bass and flute lament.

They'll be up on soundcloud before you know it along with another song I've been meaning to re-do since it was first recorded in 1996.  It's called 'Belong to me' and hopefully it'll turn out how it was intended.

Then back to the new album.  I promise.

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