Thursday, 18 July 2013

Headlights and High Hopes

Songs can grow organically - you either get the main theme and idea down in one sitting and go back later to beef it up a bit and add middle eights and what have you - or you just feel a nice melody or in my case, I stumble on a new sound and fiddle with the reverb and phaser until it sounds suitably wierd. 

The two songs I've been working on for the last few weeks are 'Promises are Snowflakes' and 'Headlights and High Hopes'.  Both are songs - and I mean 'songs' in the sense of something that flows, has meaning, emotion.  They're not there to dance to. They're not there as 'lead singles from the album' to get a top ten hit in 40 countries around the world.  They're carefully crafted mood peices that in my mind sound like the type of song you could put at track 10 or 12, leading the album out and leave the listener hanging, thinking, considering their lives and whether they're going to get up and do something worthwhile tomorrow.  It would be highly pretentious of me to assume that though, so at the moment, they're just bits of clay - I'm spending a lot of time on the structures and the melodies so that the end product has a fighting chance of saying everything Douglas was feeling when he was writing the lyrics. 

Then I'll go and spoil it all by adding vocals!  Should be at the first demo stage sometime next week and up on soundcloud after that.

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