Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Beginning

Starting an album always happens by accident.  Recording a few melodies that float round my head when I'm doing other things, something happening when I'm sitting at the piano messing about or an idea for a lyric written on a scrap of paper - they grow, they develop and before you know it you've got ten song embryos that you go back to and start to develop. 

A friend of mine is going through a tough time with his relationship and it got me thinking - instead of running away from these problems, maybe he should be trying to find out the real reasons behind why they're arguing all the time.  It became the basis of the song 'The Storm' which, only because it is the first song I've written a full intro, verse and chorus for, is also the working title of the album.

 I'll be recording a few rough demos in  the next few weeks so I'll get them uploaded as soon as they're done.

Listening back to the 15 - 20 'ideas' I've got down for songs so far over the last few weeks, they're all very electronic, very 1980s but also quite catchy.  If I write something, leave it a few weeks and then listen back (kinda hearing it for the first time) I get a good indication if I should run with the idea or not.

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